You may be very excited to explore and start your experience with abstract art painting, but find that you have no idea where to start. There are so many possibilities that you are not sure where to begin. One of the main attractions of abstract painting is that it gives so much freedom, but sometimes this freedom can be overwhelming. The multitude of choices which you face in where to begin should not be allowed to hold you back.

Start at the very beginning and start small. You may want to create that huge work of abstract art immediately, but you would be better served by exercising some restraint in terms of scale. Many find it helpful to limit themselves to small projects at first. This has the advantage of both being an economical way to start and it lets you explore your ideas before you start on that he works of art.

You may find it most helpful to start your exploration of abstract painting by taking your inspiration from real objects. Even though abstract art is by definition, a painting of something which is not an exact representation of the object, the easiest way to start is by creating an abstract interpretation of a real object. Take photographs of things which inspire you or collect items from nature. Then start to think about how you want to interpret that real object to create abstract art.

Once you have chosen your subject, study it from all sides. Think about how you can change the reality into the abstract. Abstract art is very much about the departure from rules and putting your own interpretation on what you see and feel. Try to clear your mind of preconceptions at the start of the process.

You may want to listen to music to inspire you. One interesting experiement is to listen to different genres of music and see how this affects your work. Will your interpretation of those roses be different if you are listening to Bach? See how it changes if you change your mood with music which means something very significant to you. Music can evoke powerful emotions and you may well see that com through in your abstract painting.

Some artists find it helpful to make a very quick sketch of the subject with their initial feelings about how it should be represented. This starts a process which you can develop by making as many sketches and paintings as you want. You should see this is an exciting process in which you will being to evolve as an abstract artist.

Be careful to take small steps. You may feel encouraged by your first expereinces painting abstract art and then be tempted to try something completely different. Many artists feel that they achieved more by changing less. Instead of taking a radically different path for each new work you may benefit more by making fewer changes as you progress. It can be helpful to decide that you will change just one concept and technique for each subsequent piece of art that you create.