Be truthful. Have you ever stood in front of a piece of abstract art and simply not know how to read it? Rather than walking away and giving up we should take the time to see if we can learn something. It is difficult to give an absolutely definitive guide to reading a piece of abstract art, but here are some basic ideas to help you on your quest for meaning in this very particular art genre.

The Search for Meaning is Worth It

You may be so intent on looking for the answer, that you don’t enjoy the experience of simply standing back and appreciating abstract art. It has been created for people to look at and find their own meaning within it. There are no prizes for getting to the “definitive answer” the most quickly. Enjoy the experience of simply standing back and looking at the art. Do not get overly confined by the compulsion to find a meaning. Simply enjoy it.

Give Yourself Some Time

It may take some time to interpret the piece of art. Don’t think that just because you do not get it immediately that you should give up on that piece. Sometimes interpretation takes some time. Research suggests that visitors to a gallery spend on average 30 seconds looking at each work. This really isn’t enough time to appreciate any art work, and certainly isn’t long enough to even begin to think about reading a piece of abstract art. Take your time to appreciate the art before you move on to the next piece.

Remember as well that what you see at one stage in your life you may not see in another. If you revisit a piece of abstract art sometime after your first viewing, you may have a very different interpretation of it.

Free the Mind

Abstract art is very much about freedom of expression and a wish not to be constrained by convention. Try to approach the art piece with an open mind. Don’t always start with the idea that you have to work out what the abstract art is meant to represent in conventional terms. The whole point of abstract art is that every day things are looked at in a very different way. You need to move away from conventional thinking and open yourself up to other possibilities.

With abstract art you should try to look for the less obvious points of interpretation. A free mind is necessary to think outside the box. The whole point of this genre is that art should not be put in a box, so don’t let your mind be clouded by a narrow view.