7 New Abstract Artists to Watch

Abstract art is enjoying a resurgence of popularity right now. There are many new and emerging abstract artists who are making a big impression on the art world. Here is our pick of the new abstract artists to watch.

1) Molly Zuckerman Hartung

This Chicago based artist is certainly one to watch. In many ways her creations are really a hybrid of paintings and sculpture as she brings a lot of textural complexity to her work. She is taking an exciting and unconventional approach to abstract art. She uses different materials on canvas to give a collage effect.

2) Frank Ammerlaan

This Dutch artist now lives and works in London. There is a certain calmness in much of Ammerlann’s work. If you view many of his most well-known pieces from a distance you will think that you are not seeing much detail. However, a closer inspection will reveal the incredibly intricate work with very think lines and threads. His work literally seems to draw you in to explore it more closely.

He has recently included sculpture and photography in his range of work. He has also started working exploring chemicals as a painting medium. He has carried out extensive research to create a very different medium.

3) Robert Holyhead

This British artist generally works on a small scale canvas. His work is mostly characterized by leaving a lot of the canvas its original white color. He generally uses only small traces of color, giving a translucent effect to his work.

4) Kadar Brock

Kadar Brock is very much the abstract artist of the moment. He is based in New York and is well known for his abstract paintings. He mixes a number of contrasting techniques. The emphasis is on taking his influences from the history of abstract paintings, but he often introduces an element of the unexpected into his work. He makes use of the drip technique which was pioneered by Jackson Pollock.

5) Davide Balliano

Although he was originally from Italy, Davide Balliano is now based in New York. He was originally known for his sculptures, but more recently has exhibited a number of abstract art paintings.

His work is heavily influenced by the pioneers of geometric abstract art. He works pre-dominantly in black and white on geossed boards. His works are very precise, but also he leaves the marks of the ground work for these paintings on the canvas so that you can see the process of his work.

6) Anne Neukamp

There are many layers to Anne Neukamp’s work. Literally. She uses everyday familiar objects as he inspiration, but builds on them to given them an abstract interpretation. She makes skillful use of a number of interesting techniques including trompe l’oeil.

7) Guan Xiao

Guan Xiao is based in Beijing, China. Her work is a fascinating mixture of old and new media and technology. She is well known for her sculptures which incorporate video and projection. Her aim is to challenge the observer to look at the old and the new in a different context. She puts contrasting ideas together to challenge the observer.

A Brief History of Abstract Art, Part Two

Jackson Pollock is one of the most well-known of the Abstract Expressionism movement. He started as a conventional artist, painting large murals. He became fascinated with the concept of abstract art. He suffered from depression alcoholism and began a course of Jungian psychoanalysis to help him overcome these difficulties. His analyst suggested that he paint as part of his therapy and this inspired him to move into the abstract art genre. Pollock is now recognized as one of the most important and influential of all the abstract artists of the twentieth century.

Pollock pioneered the technique of “drip painting.” In this technique paint is splashed or dripped directly onto the canvas. His works became incredibly popular. One of his works sold for $140 million in 2006.

By the 1950s the abstract art movement had largely run out of steam. It was in many ways a victim of its own success and people were looking for a new departure in the art world. In the words of de Kooning in 1951 “There is no style of painting now. There are as many naturalists among the abstract painters as there are abstract painters among the subject matter school.”

However, there has been a recent revival of abstract art in recent years. Many now see this as the golden age of the abstract art. This is a great deal of renewed interest in this genre with new and emerging artists as well as a celebration of the classic pioneers of abstract art. Whilst there are still many who argue that the demise of this genre is complete, for others there is plenty of evidence that it is very much in the land of the living and flourishing once more.

Technology has of course moved on very quickly in recent years and with this change emerged many new forms of expression. New forms of art have arisen from this technical revolution including photorealism, geometric abstraction, internet art, and digital art. It isn’t much of a stretch of the definition to term these new forms of art a type of abstract expressionism. However, more recently we have seen a return in interest of what could be termed the more “pure” form of abstract art. We can see this with modern artists such as Ben Berlow, Anish Kapoor and Christian Rosa.

In reality we can speculate about the definition and the demise of abstract art for as long as we wish. However, this particular genre has shown that it has an enduring quality which will be with us well into the future.