Are you ready to progress in the exciting world of abstract art and are looking for some inspiration? Here are some abstract art tips, techniques and ideas to get your creative ideas flowing!

Create a Special Display Area

We contacted a high-end fence company here in New Jersey to create a custom-welded display area for my art.  It is much more unique than simply hanging pieces on the wall and, since the design of the area is my own, it accentuates the art.  You don’t need to go all out, but think about the environment in which your pieces will be displayed.

Get Creative with your Materials

Abstract art can be anything that you want it to be, and that means that you can experiment with any materials that you want to use. A lot of abstract art work is created using acrylic paint on canvas. Use this opportunity to think outside the box – something you certainly have to do with all abstract painting. Do not be constrained to conventional media.

Explore Pinterest

You will never be short of ideas and inspiration if you use Pinterest. This social media platform is an artist’s paradise! It is very easy to use The basic idea is that you create online pictures boards. You can search the internet and find pictures and articles that you like. You then ‘pin’ them to boards which you have created. You can use this to keep a convenient online record of things which you like and may use in the future to inspire you to create abstract art. Spend some time looking at other “pinners” boards and you will find so much inspiration it may be difficult to know where to start. Beware. Pinterest can become rather addictive!

Create an Ideas Book

You will find inspiration for abstract art everywhere around you. The beauty of abstract art is that it has no constraints of subject or idea. This is both freeing and intimidating. With so much inspiration how can you decide where to start? It can be a good idea to collect pictures and materials which inspire you. It is very easy to create a visual diary and take photographs and write notes about things which you have seen which could be used in your vision of what you want to create.

If you see an object that interests, you take a photo of it. You may also find it helpful to write notes about how you felt at the time that you saw it. Often we think we will remember things, but it is all too easy to forget how we felt in that moment

Listen to Music

Abstract art is largely an unconscious process. You may sometimes find it difficult to free your mind enough to release your creativity. One thing which may help to give you inspiration is to listen to music when you start the creative process. Music can evoke powerful emotions. Try choosing very different types of music to inspire you.

It may surprise you as to how much your work will change according to the genre of music you are listening to. It is likely that Bach will produce a different result to The Beatles and that Tchaikovsky will inspire a different result than Adele. Experiment with different music and moods to see how this affects the finished work of abstract art – you may be surprised with the different results.