Start Mixing It Up

A crucial part of your painting is going to be the colors that you choose to use. This is where you should start to learn the art of mixing paint as this will give you so much more scope with the paintings that you can create with a basic set of acrylic paints.

You will be able to see how colors work together when you have them on your palette. Play around with ideas and see how different shades will look together. Take your time in this process as it is one of the most important parts of creating any painting. Getting the colors right is going to impact the success of your finished product in a very big way.

Practice makes perfect. You will get better at mixing paint and exploring ideas for color with each abstract painting that you create. Remember that this is your first painting. Do not strive for perfection. Aim to enjoy the process and learn from it.

It’s All About the Layers

You already have your first layer of paint all over your canvas so that there is no more white showing through. You have your basic design ideas blocked out in pencil and you have your paint mixed on your palette. Now it is time to start the really exciting part. Building the layers of the painting.

Start slowly as this should be a thought out process. We are talking about abstract art, but that does not mean that it is random. This genre may look as though the painter has worked without a plan, but in reality nothing is further from the reality of abstract art. This is a process, not a random collection of brush strokes.

Have Fun

By this stage your painting will be looking almost like the finished product, but there is still a way to go. If you feel yourself getting stuck, you should take a break. Step back and look at your work after you have had a break. It is likely that you will see it with very different eyes if you simply take a step back from it for a while. There is no point in continuing if you are feeling frustrated by the process. This is meant to be enjoyable so give yourself a break!

The Finishing Touches

Keep on adding color until you are happy with the finished painting. Remember that adding layers adds to the complexity and overall impact of the final painting. One of the most difficult parts of the process is in knowing when you are finished. Move away from the canvas and then come back to it after a short break. You should now in that moment whether or not you are finished.