You may know that you want to start creating abstract paintings but have no idea where to start. It is important that you do to get too intimidated by this fascinating genre of art. The aim is freedom of expression and you should create whatever makes you feel good. Here are some ideas to get you on your way of creating your first abstract painting.

Start at the Beginning

This may seem obvious, but it is important to pick the material that you will use to put the painting on. The most conventional approach is to buy a canvas. It is usually advisable to start with a manageable size so that you are not too overwhelmed by the size of your potential painting. If you find that you want to create more abstract painting, you can always scale up the process later on. A good way to start is to buy some 10 x 10 inch cavasses. This is a large enough size to start with, but not too large. It is also more economical to buy the smaller canvases as first, so that you can experiment with different techniques and find out what works for you.

You are now faced with a blank canvas. The first place to start is by “toning’ the canvas. In other words, you use paint to cover the canvas so that it is not white anymore. You can off course use any color that you want, but for your first experiments it is best to use a light color.

The aim is to build up our painting in layers so start with something relatively light. Cover the whole of the canvas. This will mean that when your painting is finished you will not be able to see any white canvas showing through. This is essential if you want to create a professional looking effect. Always leave your paint sufficient time to dry before starting on the next step.

Look for Inspiration

In the internet age it is very easy to find pictures and information about abstract art. You can look at the art work of the pioneers of this exciting genre as well as looking at the work of up and coming artists.

You will find inspiration all around you. Take a trip to the park and take some photos. Watch the news. Visit the library to get some ideas. Once you start looking you will find plenty of paintings and ideas that you like. Narrow down your ideas as you do not want to get overwhelmed by not knowing where to start. Sometimes too much choice can be very confusing. At this stage you should have a simple vision of what you want to create with your abstract painting.

You will then want to start putting your ideas down on the canvas. The easiest way to start doing this is by using a pencil to sketch out some ideas on the canvas. This way you can change your mind if the effect is not to your liking. It is very difficult to start out without taking this step. Removing pencil lines is simple, but once you start with the actual paint, that becomes a difficult task. It is always better to get a sense of how things are going to look in pencil before you start adding the paint. It saves a lot of wasted canvas and materials.